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Quick Start Guide to Grant Research

Ready to start looking for grants? Here is a quick start guide to grant research:

Step 1:

Collect all the basic information about your organization in one place (I like GoogleDocs). You will use this information to screen for your eligibility when looking for potential matches. You need to know your:

  1. Month and year incorporated as a 501c3
  2. City, State, and County where your nonprofit is registered
  3. Geographic service areas
  4. Mission statement
  5. Target audience(s)
  6. Focus areas (ex: education, STEM, health, arts, etc.)
  7. Annual operating budget
  8. Your top three funding needs (in other words, what specifically do you want to fund/accomplish within the year?)
  9. Desired award amount (if known)

Step 2

Research begins! Use grant research databases to locate and screen for qualified potential funding opportunities. The Grantsmanship Center is a great place to start, and is free!

Step 3

As you find potential matches, enter your results in a database (Excel file of GoogleSheet; download free template here) which includes:

  1. Funder name
  2. Website
  3. Award amount
  4. Deadline
  5. Approach (proposal or LOI)
  6. Focus areas
  7. Notes (if applicable)

Step 4

Create a strategic plan to focus your grantseeking efforts. It is critical to have a plan, and you must find the right fits. Otherwise you are wasting your time, and the time of potential funders.

Step 5

Write your grant applications or LOIs and submit!


Get an instant download of this Quick Start Guide to Grant Research here!


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