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FREE resources for grant research

Is applying for a grant on your summer bucket list? If so, check out these FREE resources to help you get started!

Once you have a well-defined plan, grant research is often the first step in the grants process. It can be a very time consuming process, but it is imperative to find the right funding fits. Not only is sending out random requests a waste of time, it can also damage your reputation in the (small) world of philanthropic giving. So how do you find the best fits? Here are some FREE resources to find grants:


Finding Grant Funding, for Free! (download e-book)

Learn how the grant research process works, and how to find the best fits for you. Also includes top suggestions for FREE grant research tools to streamline the process.


How to search for grants using is your one-stop-shop for every grant that exists from the federal government. Using can seem intimidating at first, but the process is quite simple once you know where to look!

Using twitter to find grants

Twitter is like duct-tape – a million uses and counting! Watch this quick video to see how to use Twitter hashtags and search box to find grant opportunities.


Grant research template spreadsheet

Stay organized with this simple Excel spreadsheet. Includes funder name, website, award amount, approach, deadline, focus areas, and notes. Everything you need to keep your research list organized, ensuring you don’t forget any important information!


At Greater Good Consultants, we are firm believers in individual capacity building. Thus, we provide these free resources to help you develop your innate talents and abilities to propel your organization to new and exciting places. All these resources have been created by GGC staff, and are free and available for download and use to promote the greater good within individual nonprofit organizations. Good luck!



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