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Write better, right now

The importance of good writing cannot be underestimated. Does your writing stand out from the crowd? If not you may be missing out on countless opportunities to develop and cultivate your nonprofit.

When it comes to writing – letters of inquiry, grant proposals, or even your nonprofit website content – it HAS to be good. Your writing is often the first and and only chance you have to capture the attention of potential partners, clients, and donors. If your writing is not strong, it is a sure-fire way to be overlooked and underfunded. Fortunately, there are five simple and easy ways that you can vastly improve your writing abilities. No matter what you are writing, here’s how to do it better, right now:

  1. Delete that and the: These words are almost always useless. Remove them to instantly make your writing more concise.
  2. Do not use I: In fact, do not use any pronouns (me, us, them, etc).
  3. Remove ‘-ing’: Write in the now, not in the ‘-ing’.
  4. Keep it short: Is your sentence 10 words long? Get it to 5. Challenge yourself to cut it in half, every time. Chances are you have a lot of junk in there. Take it out and your writing will sing a new tune.
  5. Don’t use fluff: Don’t use dilute adjectives – use the real numbers or examples to say what you mean. Don’t have real numbers or examples? Then don’t write it.


That’s it! By implementing the simple suggestions, you will immediately be a better writer. Do yourself a favor and check your website content, letters, and any other professional writings. Chances are they are in need of revision 😀  Not sure if your writing is as compelling as it could be? I am always happy to provide a free consultation, so get in touch! The success of your nonprofit depends on it.

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